Free Photography Classes Online

If you are learning photography or want to know new tricks, you can take into account the PhotoPlus proposal. It has launched an online platform, Learning Lens, with resources for photographers covering a number of topics. Although you will find recorded classes, the idea revolves around classes that will be taught live.


Free online resources for photographers

This new PhotoPlus platform covers different areas that will help photographers in their profession. For example, you will find the Why Photographers Should Pitch Media, and How to Do it Successfully class, which shows how to develop a strategy to expose content, without having to rely on social media.

Another class gives an overview of little-known Photoshop features that should be in a photographer’s toolkit. You will also find tricks and tips to take photos with your mobile or edit them using Lightroom. You can take a look at the more than 160 classes recorded at this link.

Free Photography Classes Online

And classes will also be scheduled to be taught live. While life, users can ask questions of the speaker through chat or interact with the rest of the members. And of course, it has a notification system so you don’t forget the class date.

To see the resources offered by this platform, you only need to go through a registration. You will find that it raises it as a subscription, but you will see that it is free. One detail to keep in mind is that all content is in English, and does not provide subtitles in Spanish.

Another platform that you can consider if you like photography is Nikon School Online that offers many resources. Some are excerpts from own events, talks, and classes covering tips, tricks, and techniques from renowned photographers. These are paid resources, but they usually offer free access at certain times of the year.

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