How To Prepare A Free Exam Online?

In a few minutes, it is possible to create an exam and obtain a link for other people to participate in it, defining the conditions for each one to have the corresponding evaluation. There are several ways to do it, and today I am going to explain to you how it is easy to create something like this in a few minutes.

How To Prepare A Free Exam Online

For this, we will first go to It will be necessary to create an account and inform our country and telephone number. We will receive an SMS code to validate the account.

Once registered, we can create a multiple-choice exam. We will create the first question, with its different possible answers, and we will mark the correct answer. In the same way, we can put more and more questions until the exam is completed. We can specify the points earned for a correct answer and the points lost for an incorrect one. We can also import questions and answers from a previously created excel.

Once finished, we can go to the Schedule section, where we will specify the day of the exam and the time needed to do it. In this part, it is possible to complete a field with the instructions so that the students understand how the exam should be carried out without problems. In the upper-right part, we will put the minimum grade necessary to be considered “approved”.

At the end of the creation of the exam, we can obtain a link so that we can disseminate it among the students using the method we want, from WhatsApp to an email through a forum, an e-learning platform, or whatever.

Open Source Online Exam is a solution with a free plan, which requires the telephone to identify the students who can answer the exam in case of making it private, although it is a system that they are improving so that it is not so invasive at that point.

There are other similar options, including the possibility of creating excel sheets online with appropriate programming, to increase the flexibility of what can be done and asked of the students, but on this platform, it is easy to create a multiple-choice test without having to have knowledge of programming of any kind.

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